Now you can get servers powered by artificial intelligence to run and protect your business over the Internet


With the new artificial intelligence systems, smart servers will serve your electronic business using many advanced smart systems that serve all types of services and electronic transactions via the Internet, for example (your portal on the Internet / e-mail for all employees / databases … etc.)

The artificial intelligence systems for this work to provide the best work environment suitable for your business electronically and with the least possible human intervention, such as
• Electronic tracking of electronic attacks and dealing with them automatically
• Electronic tracking of attempts to hack and counter them
• Automatic organization between the resources of a single server or multiple servers to serve the largest number of users with the least possible capabilities
• Regulation, protection and automatic renewal of insurance certificates used for electronic portals, browsing sites or e-mail services
• Smart e-mail tracking and automatic handling of any questionable messages or transactions
• Follow up the rate of receiving and sending data between servers, detecting any rates other than the nature and dealing with them
• Save and store backup electronic copies of your business

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All this in addition to many other technical advantages that allow you and the team to work efficiently and quickly with capabilities and cost appropriate for your business.

Ask now about smart server offers and get distinct special services with the ability to allocate your own resources to suit your needs, whatever the size of your business