Servers powered by artificial intelligence.

Now you can get servers to run and protect your business on the Internet

With the new artificial intelligence systems, smart servers will serve your electronic business using many advanced smart systems that serve all types of services and electronic transactions via the Internet, for example (your portal on the Internet / e-mail for all employees / databases … etc.)

The artificial intelligence systems for this work to provide the best work environment suitable for your business electronically and with the least possible human intervention, such as
• Electronic tracking of electronic attacks and dealing with them automatically
• Electronic tracking of attempts to hack and counter them
• Automatic organization between the resources of a single server or multiple servers to serve the largest number of users with the least possible capabilities
• Regulation, protection and automatic renewal of insurance certificates used for electronic portals, browsing sites or e-mail services
• Smart e-mail tracking and automatic handling of any questionable messages or transactions
• Follow up the rate of receiving and sending data between servers, detecting any rates other than the nature and dealing with them
• Save and store backup electronic copies of your business

All this in addition to many other technical advantages that allow you and the team to work efficiently and quickly with capabilities and cost appropriate for your business. Ask now about smart server offers and get distinct special services with the ability to allocate your own resources to suit your needs, whatever the size of your business

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This solutions works with dedicated resources, you will get Dedicated Processing / Dedicated RAM and Storage. This makes sure that you will get the highest performance even higher than any other cloud solution
Don't worry about your number of users, while you will get a dedicated resources, you will also get a full control to add, control or remove any numbers of email accounts under your email server. You will not pay per account any more.
With our Smart Solutions your email server is using all popular protocols IMAP / POP3 and your own SMTP Server + Web Mail service. This will make your users able to work from any devices and locations
Don't worry about storage, you can get ready servers up to 10TB Storage, and if you need more just ask our sales stuff and they will get you the best solution
Get your own IP address for your usage, this make you free of any SPAM reports against shared IPs problems and other solutions
With the Automated SPAM protection systems you will clear a lot of your employees time / headache / and safe your Network resources usage
Automated Network Protection tools will protect your server from all non required usage data, this will increase your server performance with about 40% ~ 80% from its normal use.
The most common way for hackers is try to send t your users a Virus or Trojan files throw emails, Our Intelligent Systems can detect this files and handle them before arrive to your users.
Now we can protect your business mail from getting damage by spams which can overwhelm your mail servers and damage your data , such as url phishing( phishing attacks include malicious links to fake websites), domain impersonating(high-impact attack where it attempt to impersonate a domain by using techniques such as typo squatting) , malware(specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to your mail server.), account takeover(form of identity theft and fraud,) ...etc.
Displays reports about email message delivery attempts from your account. You can also use this feature to trace a message’s delivery route, which can help you to identify message delivery issues.