How To Select a Domain

How To Select a Domain

How To Select a Domain

The Select a Domain section of the interface lists the domain name and website directory (document root) for every domain that your cPanel account owns.

. If a domain currently uses a Site Publisher website, the interface also lists the website’s template’s name.

  • Click the domain name to open the domain in a new browser window.
  • Click the website directory to open that directory in cPanel’s File Managerinterface (cPanel >> Home >> Files >> File Manager) in a new browser window.

If your cPanel account owns a large number of domains, the interface automatically paginates the table. Click the page numbers in the top right corner of the section to navigate between pages of domains, or use the Search text box at the top of the list to search for a domain.

Site Publisher files

When you publish a Site Publisher website, cPanel automatically performs the actions.