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Database Solutions

Database Solutions

Database is the most headache for any it, and the most effect in any business solutions.

Many of providers after making a lot of transactions counting and check log for most common used queries and check a lot of response time …. etc., give you two options

1. Upgrade the hardware and requirement for the servers.
2. Change the Database System and use another high quality provider like ( Oracle / MSSQL / MariaDB ) … or use another system at all.

This will be very extra cost than the first solution.

other wise check out our solutions

Database Solutions
Database Solutions

What is the Solution?

With our experts, we can give you the best solution for your system performance. Our experts can give you the best solution, start from

– Spiriting your system in many servers or cloud.
– Suitable hardware and O/S for each of the system parts.
– Giving alternative solution for replication and backup systems.
– Protect your online portals from any DDos attacks and check if there another hacking trials. And more.

If you have a solution and need to give it more performance. Don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Overview of Plesk Interface

This section features the Search field.

Websites & Domains
Tools present here enable customers to add and remove domains, subdomains, and domain aliases. They also enable them to manage various web hosting settings, create and manage databases and database users, change their DNS settings, and secure their websites with SSL/TLS certificates.

Tools present here enable customers to add and remove mail accounts, as well as manage mail server settings.

This page features a web-based file manager that enables customers to upload content to their website, as well as manage files already present on the file system within their subscription.

This page allows customers to create new ar manage existing databases.

This page features information about disk and traffic usage, as well as the link to web statistics that present a detailed overview of the site’s visitors.

Tools present here enable customers to add and remove user accounts that enable other people to log in to Plesk.

This page features information about resource usage for the subscription, allowed hosting options and granted permissions. Tools present here enable customers to retrieve and update their contact details and other personal information, and also back up their subscription settings and websites.

Plesk 1

This section houses all the controls relevant to the page that is currently open. On the screenshot, the Websites & Domains page is open, and so the various tools that allow managing aspects of the subscription related to web hosting are displayed.

Plesk 2